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Photos tagged: trees

Spotted Aspen
Aspen Turning
Aspen Meadow
Foggy Trees, Sequioa National Park
Redwood Forest
North of Taos
Elk Meadow
California Oaks
Aspens -Across the Valley
Rain and Aspens
Distant Sneffles
Golden Light
Autumn Sunset, Sneffles Range
White Aspens and Pines
Mountain Stream
Over the Top
Fuzzy Tree
Autumn Mosaic
San Juan Spring
Stellar Jay
Aspens & Pine Mosaic
Sentinel Aspens
Golden Hillside
Birds in the storm
McClure Pass
Pines & Light
Aspen Ground Cover
Cold & Fog - Yellowstone NP
Snow & Trees, Yellowstone NP
Tree at the Edge
Coeur d'Alene Mine I
Coeur d'Alene Mine II
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